This page is for listing some schedules in the Parras 2007 program.

Horario general[edit | edit source]

Here is the general schedule of topics for the five weeks. Classes are usually Monday through Friday. Some Saturdays are reserved for classes, when a fieldtrip falls midweek (July 14th and July 28th are two Saturdays that we will probably hold classes). In addition, homework, readings and projects will need to be worked on during the week as well as the weekend.

Semana Oona (3-5pm) Lonny (10am - 1pm and 5-7pm)
Historia breve de desarrollo económico Microhidro; electricidad
La cultura; internacional lending and trade agreements Fotovoltaic; energia; (a little water)
Globalización/neoliberalismo; Ejidos Adobe
La agricultura; Transporte de mercancías Agricultura
El agua (y TBD) Solar hot water; heat; presentaciones
No pruebas 4 pruebas
Tarea de lecturas casi cada día Algunas tareas
Papel final Un proyecto grande (con tiempo en classe y afuera tambien)

Horario de la primera semana[edit | edit source]

10am - 1pm 3-5pm 5-7pm
Jul-2 Lun Introductions, Check in, Class schedules, Course work, Criterios Criterios cont., Possible project descriptions Microhydro calcs shallow
Jul-3 Mar Microhydro discussion, Micro hydro lab Intro a globalización y justicia social, Historia de desarrollo economica, discutir la lectura Microhydro calcs deep
Jul-4 Mié Microhydro bring it all together, Project Discussion Continua desde ayer, desarrollo Microhydro Quiz, Project time
Jul-5 Jue Electricity Lecture discutir la lectura, Historia de economia de Mexico Project meetings
Jul-6 Vie Electricity Lab Plan de Ayala, la crisis I y II Project Time, Problem Sets

Horario de la segunda semana[edit | edit source]

10am - 1pm 3-5pm 5-7pm
Jul-9 Lun Photovoltaic lecture La Crisis I y II; Banco Mundial (BM) y Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) Project Time
Jul-10 Mar Photovoltaic lecture and worksheets Continua BM y FMI: video "Life & Debt" (ojala que haya tiempo para GDP, GHI, GPI) PV lab
Jul-11 Mié Energy lecture Culture, Identity Politics; Plan de Ayala, Zapatista movement/lucha (EZLN, FZLN) Energy lecture - Project Time
Jul-12 Jue PV and Energy Wrapup Tratado Libre del Comercio Norteamericano (TLC, aka NAFTA) Electricty/PV Quiz, Project Time
Jul-13 Vie Water fieldtrip con SIMAS; FLESA, Parras Cone fieldtrip (provisorio) Discussion

Horario de la tercera semana[edit | edit source]

10am - 1pm 3-5pm 5-7pm
Jul-16 Lun :0) Lonny: Earthen Construction Lecture Adobe fieldwork
Jul-17 Mar :0) Adobe fieldwork
Jul-18 Mié :0) Adobe fieldwork
Jul-19 Jue Adobe fieldwork (Bring Lunch... we are working through) Project Time
Jul-20 Vie Adobe fieldwork (Bring Lunch... we are working through) Discussion (May go late)

Horario de la quarta semana (Tentative)[edit | edit source]

10am - 1pm 3-5pm 5-7pm
Jul-23 Lun Agriculture with Kiva Agriculture: farming, transport Natural Building Quiz/Project time
Jul-24 Mar Agriculture fieldwork (pack lunch and water, we will be far from town)
Jul-25 Mié Agriculture fieldwork (pack lunch and water, we will be far from town)
Jul-26 Jue Agriculture Agriculture: TLCAN (NAFTA), sustainable agriculture Discussion
Jul-27 Vie Starts at 8am: DIF Dispensa fieldtrip (Bring water & lunch, we will be far from town)
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