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What to Pack[edit | edit source]

  • Swimming suit
  • An elegant outfit
  • A light long sleeve shirt
  • A small gift for your new family
  • Less than $10 --Lonny
  • Something local is usually good --Lonny
  • Coffee is a really, really good idea. Bayside Roasters went over really well. --La changa
  • One light rain jacket
  • Work clothes
  • A CD or mp3 player --aleiha
  • A laptop if you have one --aleiha
  • Sunscreen (because the stuff here is expensive) --aleiha
  • Organic Sunscreen so you can use it when swimming at Cuatro Cienegas! --waterfaery72
  • I wish I hadn't brought a jacket- a long sleeve works wonderfully
  • -waterfaery72
  • You like decent tea and coffee? I suggest bringing a pretty serious supply.
  • -waterfaery72
  • You smoke American Spirits? Bring your own unless you can adjust to smoking Marlboro Reds or Pall Mall.
  • -waterfaery72
  • An umbrella- I keep one in my backpack at all times- the rain is sudden and strong.
  • -waterfaery72
  • A good sun hat- "they" will tell you that you can buy one once you get there. But what "they" won't tell you is that the hats available in Parras are cowboyed-out to the max and not particularly cool. --waterfaery72
  • Immodium and Cipro for your stomach (saved my life) --La changa

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