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A good all-around shade tree in most temperate climates. The white oak is particularly nice, having large edible acorns. All oak makes dense firewood (4000lbs/cord and 25 million Wikipedia:BTUs per cord) and is good for furniture making. It is very hard, so use those carbide tips only.

Red oaks have smaller acorns, less than half an inch. The smaller acorns are higher in bitter tanic acid, so less edible. Pigs will still eat them. Wild turkeys love them too.

Blackjack, aka post oak or scrub oak, is not worth the effort. Bulldoze it up into a pile and have a weenie roast. It seems like half of Oklahoma is covered in the stuff. None of it grows more than twenty feet tall, and always spindly. It burns smoky, really not the most pleasant.

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