Non-Inverting Amplifier
Non invert amplifier.png
OCI Page: Non-Inverting Amplifier
Input: +-36V, single ended signal
Output: Amplified Signal

This is a design from the Open Circuit Institute. More can be found HERE.

Description[edit | edit source]

A simple non-inverting amplifier circuit, built around the famous LM741 op-amp. The gain is settable from 1 to 101. Supply can be up to +-36V. If a negative supply is not available, tie the input to ground.

Pins on the input side are as follows:

  1. +V supply
  2. Signal In
  3. Ground
  4. -V supply

Pins on the output side are as follows:

   1. Signal Out
   2. Ground

Design Files & Videos[edit | edit source]

Available at the Open Circuit Institute:

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