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Mission[edit | edit source]

The NewWays Community cultivates practical ideas to support social equality, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumption towards a balanced ecology and economy.

Our Vision[edit | edit source]

To offer a visually compelling and user-friendly presentation of idea-packets from which corporations, agencies, organizations, and individuals can access and implement and benefit from promoting eco-friendly, economic practices. We aim to provide a library of Ideas to support the changing times.

NewWays is hosted on Media Wiki technology allowing users to access, manipulate and generate idea-packet content. Policies concerning user-editing will be developed as the community grows exponentially, following the guides of both Wikipedia and DailyKos.

Why NewWays?[edit | edit source]

The need for NewWays is clear. Large corporations and governmental agencies no longer address current market needs. Miss-representation of a free market occurs when entrenched, resource-swollen corporations lobby government and business entities floodgate the market supply of desired goods and practices. For example, oil companies commonly reroute capita back into their own profitable gain and interests, instead of pursuing new innovative and sustainable energy practices, which meet the needs of popular demands (or citizens). Archaic business models applied by the coal and oil industry continue to stifle the growth and maturation of new energy practices, such as wind and solar. In brief, corporations don’t have mechanisms that allow for their own dissimulation or “checks and balances,” when non-capita forces that better serve the people require their withdrawal or expiration. [1]

Legislature dating back to the early 1800’s limited the reach and life span of corporations, and forbid corporate influence in public policy, elections, and roles of society. For about 100 years following the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, corporations were strictly associated with conducting business, and were tightly controlled by legislative conditions. And by the mid-1800’s with considerable pressure from corporations, common law doctrines originally in place to protect a common marketplace were eroded, and transnational corporations fortified an unlimited power. Corporations are now allowed to go on conducting business under a legislature title of “corporate personhood,” while ignoring or manipulating the needs of the consumer. As corporations took the status of legal “persons,” citizens having authority and control over the marketplace and government were lost. NewWays combats this need by reinvigorating the marketplace with free, profitable community-friendly business and social practices that serves the public at large. Our aim is to redirect the marketplace from causing more public and environmental harm, through setting the course for ideas that serve the interests and needs of the public.

The Policies[edit | edit source]

An idea’s value lies in the principal policy of free and open exchange of information. NewWays as a community, is charged with censoring and maintaining the content and participation of members in regards to our mission statement. All are entitled to free ideas. We do not own your ideas. All can benefit financially, ecologically, physically and soulfully from the spread of grassroots market practices. When you contribute to NewWays then your idea(s) are public domain. This is a burrowing network of ideas and anyone can borrow and everyone one can sew.

Internships[edit | edit source]

NewWays currently offers internships experience developing this community mainframe. We are seeking people who are willing to volunteer their time in making this site user friendly and a dependable resource for new ideas.

Collaboration and Support[edit | edit source]

NewWays is still in a Beta mode and are needing not only Ideas, but feedback. What services would you like to see NewWays provide? What would you change about NewWays?

Contact Paul to deliver your feedback or to find out more about the possibilities of collaborating our efforts. paul[at]newwayswiki[dot]org