The nettle plant contains many nutrients that can serve the growth of other plants well. Making nettle water (or nettle tea) as an easily applied and used fertiliser is a great way to clean up a nettle patch and get some good benefits from it.

Making nettle water[edit | edit source]

Find nettles. They have a habit of taking over areas of the garden, yard or farm, so once you've found them, there is likely to be a good amount. Harvest a bunch of nettles, enough to fill at least halfway or three quarters of the way in a standard bucket.

Pour water over the nettles in the bucket. The water should completely submerge the nettles, plus a little extra. Place a lid or other cover over the top of the bucket and put it out of the way to infuse for a few days. Let it stand for around three to four days.

After the infusion is ready, remove the nettles (which can be added to the compost). The liquid will be smelly, so be prepared! Pour the liquid into a suitable container for distributing it; the container must have sufficient room for both the nettle liquid and additional water.

Dilute the nettle liquid. Add water until the nettle liquid becomes a light green colour (akin to green tea). It is now ready to be poured around the base of your veggies and other growing plants.

The nettle water can be sprayed onto leaves as well, but it must be diluted with additional water before doing this, to ensure that it is not too strong.

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