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Neonatal Equipment from "Making Health-care Equipment"[edit | edit source]

Phototherapy box for neonatal jaundice[edit | edit source]

Trop Doct. 1977 Jan;7(1):33-4.Links Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice in rural Africa. Mee J, Scott D.

Baby Resuscitation Table[edit | edit source]

Suction Pump for Newborn Infants[edit | edit source]

A foot operated device that uses a lever-type diaphram pump used as fuel pump in a car.

Premature baby incubator[edit | edit source]

Uses four 40 watt bulbs.

Using Toyota Parts to make an incubator[edit | edit source]

"take a Toyota motor vehicle, dismantle it and use vital parts that can be reassembled into ... incubators for infants in the developing world"

Mark Hollmer Transformed Toyotas can save lives -- as incubators. Boston Business Journal, October 5, 2007.

See also Fixable Infant Incubator[edit | edit source]

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