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NS Labs ARK 2.0

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About the NS Labs ARK 2.0[edit]

Currently, this is a personal project of mine that I am using to develop and test many experimental features of FDM 3D printing that is not often touched by many parts of the 3D printing market today. Some of these features include:

  • Water cooled hot end using products by E3D utilizing water cooled by a thermoelectric cooling pad (Peltier Module)
  • Custom filament changing system with filament sensors
  • Automatic part removing bed system
  • High-temperature bed

Many of these features have been added to various printers before but never all in one design that utilizes all of them combined. The NS Labs ARK 2.0 is meant as a platform that will have a very good print quality to show the benefits of the individual additions that are being made.

NS Labs ARK 2.0 photos[edit]

Projects gallery
NS Labs ARK 2.0 CAD model of the new NS Labs ARK 2.0  
NS Labs ARK 2.0 Custom PC case that fits into the printer.  
NS Labs ARK 2.0 Printer Model with lid removed to reveal motion platform.