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Noah Skrzypczak: Mechanical Engineering Student, Michigan Technological University

About Me[edit | edit source]

My name is Noah Skrzypczak.
I am a first-year student at Michigan Technological University studying Mechanical Engineering. Most of my experience comes from personal projects including designing, constructing, and utilizing various 3D printing technologies. Other work includes creating 3D printer accessories such as filament changers and print removal systems that aim to make a printer easier and faster to use. I aim to find new ways in which this technology can be used and implemented in ways never accomplished before.

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • 3D printing
  • CAD design
  • Creating new things

Image Gallery[edit | edit source]

Here are a few larger projects that I have worked on and am currently working on:

Projects gallery
Assembling aluminum extrusion pieces for the printer.  
Test fit of all laser cut metal components.  
Metal now has a black oxide coating over all of the parts.  
Initial assembly of the ARK. Finally added side panels.  
Project coming together.  
Electronics wire management finished on the bottom panel.  
Combining a computer and a 3D printer.  
Testing out movement platform.  
Initial print tests.  
Finished version of first version of the ARK.  
Display added to machine along with a computer.  
Initial assembly of printed parts for the filament changer.  
Button and LED test for the filament changer.  
Laser cutter ready to cut out new parts.  
Laser cut 3D printer fully assembled.  
Electronics box assembled for 3D printer.  
Printed CNC X and Z axis.  
Printed CNC movement test.  
Printed CNC used as a 3D printer.  
3D printed robot arm test.  
Experimental delta printer almost ready to print for the first time.  
Experimental delta printer initial power up.  
Printrbot GO custom model.  
NS Labs ARK 2.0 CAD model of the new NS Labs ARK 2.0  
NS Labs ARK 2.0 Custom PC case that fits into the printer.  
NS Labs ARK 2.0 Printer Model with lid removed to reveal motion platform.