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Authors Christopher Sam
Published 2011
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Bodaboda chaja is a motorcycle cellphone charger especially built for off grid and commercial motorcyclists and it is also a great alternative to frequent power outages in developing countries.

This cellphone charger with a choiceable connector enables motorcyclists not only to charge their cellphones but also to charge cellphones of community members making little monies if they choose to operate the service commercially.

Design[edit | edit source]

Being mindful of the obtaining material conditions in developing countries and especially those in off grid rural communities, the cheap 78XX series was used as a switching regulator-by adding a few components of which most of them came from dead electronic products. The charger also comes with a safety bag with a sewed in sponge and ties to make sure the cellphone is safe from shocks when the motorist charges his or her cellphone while riding.

After careful consideration of all available options, this cellphone charger sells at $3 to the final customer

Thus energy efficiency, affordability and a bit of recycling are all attracted.

With the 78XX series used the charger can be connected permanently to the motorcycle's power lines as it will only draw significant current when a cellphone is plugged in and charging.

So far, a major constraint has been rainfall but much effort is being put to construct a cheap water resistant safety bag.

It is believed that this design can successfully be adopted or implemented easily in other developing countries as motorcycles are booming in numbers and grid electricity is still a problem.

Contact[edit | edit source]

It is always good to receive comments, advices or better options from others. Questions and anything, please feel free to talk at the discussion section or tab or email directly to kiswahili @