Mother Jones, also known as MoJo, is an investigative news organization that covers timely and relevant topics that include climate change, politics, education, criminal justice, racial justice, and food and agriculture. This is an independent publication with no corporate ownership that aims to "to deliver hard-hitting reporting that inspires change and combats 'alternative facts'." Mother Jones exists in several forms, including print, web, and podcasts, to reach diverse audiences.

History[edit | edit source]

Mother Jones was founded in 1976 and is the longest-established investigative news organization in the United States. The magazine is named after the legendary Mary Harris Jones, an Irish-American activist who was a hero for the working class and a powerful force in the American labor movement. The early managing editors of the publication rotated each year and included Adam Hochschild, Paul Jacobs, Richard Parker, Deborah Johnson, Jeffrey Bruce Klein, Mark Dowie, Amanda Spake, Zina Klapper, and Deirdre English.

Today, the Mother Jones publication reaches over 10 million people each month through its website, print magazine, videos, email newsletter, social media, and podcasts. The publication is based in San Francisco, California and also has offices in New York City and Washington, D.C. Monika Bauerlein has been the chief executive officer of Mother Jones since 2015, while Clary Jeffery serves as editor-in-chief- and Steven Katz is the publisher.

Topics Of Interest[edit | edit source]

Mother Jones articles typically fit into one or more of the following categories: politics, media, environment, crime and justice, and food. On the publication's website, it offers investigative information sorted by trending keywords, cover stories, features, mixed media, photo essays, and other formats. Themes of coverage in the magazine include income inequality, gun violence, dark money in politics, women's equality, and right-wing conspiracies.

Support[edit | edit source]

Online news coverage is accessible for free; however, readers can support nonprofit journalism by subscribing to print or digital copies of the magazine or by making a donation. Approximately 74 percent of Mother Jones' budget comes from reader support. Readers can also sign up for Mother Jones' electronic newsletter to receive news straight to their email inboxes.

Podcasts[edit | edit source]

More than just a print and web magazine, Mother Jones has launched podcasts to reach new audiences and address relevant topics. The Mother Jones Podcast features investigations presented in an audio format with smart and fearless reporting. Meanwhile, Bite is a podcast from the Mother Jones editors, farming blogger Tom Philpott, and rotating guests who speak about the science and politics of food.

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