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Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation. Surgeons and medical experts feel laparoscopic surgery is challenging that require in-depth and exhaustive study of various biomedical attributes and individual decision making. We (Intellivision) devised a surgical game that enables doctors and surgeons to practice motor skills and decision-making in a virtual environment before performing the surgery in real life.

What makes this game unique is an immersive storyline, photorealistic visuals, 3D movement, control schemes, and a safe, controlled, and simulated environment to perform the surgery. The simulator game is available for Android and iPhone users and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

Visit the Apple Playstore to download the game. (

LapCholy Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

The following videos demonstrate the installation steps and using the simulator game on your mobile phone.

(Step - 1) User View of Installing and Using the Simulation on Mobile Phone
(Step - 2): User View of Installing and Using the Simulation on Mobile Phone
(Step - 3) Demonstrating How to Perform Clipping Cutting in the Simulation Game
(Step - 4): Demonstrating how to perform Electrosurgery using the Virtual Game
(Step - 5): Demonstrating how to perform Grasping using the Virtual Tools for the Surgery