Michael Pilarski, founder of Friends of the Trees, is a writer, teacher, and networker within the permaculture movement.

He has extensive experience in organic farming, seed collecting, wildcrafting medicinal herbs, plant propagation, horticulture, teaching, and international networking. Michael has personally worked with over 1,000 species of plants. He founded Friends of the Trees Society in 1978 and has authored many books on forestry, agriculture, agroforestry and ethnobotany. Michael has been involved in the permaculture movement since 1981 as a writer, teacher and networker. He has taught over 20 full Permaculture Design Courses in the USA and abroad.(taken from: http://web.archive.org/web/20131201070334/http://www.friendsofthetrees.net:80/aboutus.htm)

Video clips from one of his permaculture design courses (2005) can be found through www.richsoil.com at this link: michael pilarski (skeeter). You can also find out more about him at the Friends of the Trees website: Friends of the Trees, or follow a forum on him at: permies.com

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