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can dissolve neoprene rubber. Make sure that hoses and gaskets are made from another material like Viton.

Vegetable oil fuel reactions[edit | edit source]

There have been recorded experiences of galvanic reactions created when used vegetable oils have reacted with metallic fuel system parts.

Notably some metal fuel tanks appear to have a coatings that have reacted with used vegetable oil.

Morgan H Crawford reports such issues.

Feasibility and Emissions of Compression Ignition Engines Fueled with Waste Vegetable Oil Morgan H Crawford 2003

Joe Betty examined reactions between oils and metals

Vegetable Oil as a fuel

National Biodiesel Board - Material Compatibility of Biodiesel

Frybrid - Table of Material Compatibility for vegetable oil, biodiesel and diesel

Cole Parmer - Chemical Compatibility

Biodiesel Material Compatibility