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Parent Mass Casualty Triage

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Mass Casualty Triage utilizing the START and Jump START triage systems. Read each question fully and make sure you understand what the question is asking before you answer. Some questions are select all that apply, these will be marked by square check boxes. After answering all questions to the best of your ability, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Your score will be shown at the bottom of the page after submission, unfortunately due to the way this page is set up, you must answer every question right to get a 1/1. The quiz will, however, tell you what you got wrong. You may reset this quiz as many times as you would like.

Remember, this quiz only tests the START and Jump START triage systems, other systems such as SALT are not commonly utilized in California.

The questions will be laid out in the following format: age and sex, ambulatory and walked to you on their own (A) or non-ambulatory (NA), respiratory rate after airway opening (and rescue breathing for pediatrics), capillary refill time in seconds (or presence of a radial pulse for pediatrics), and alertness (on the AVPU for adults and if pediatric response is appropriate).

Remember, "30-2-can do".

Green/Minor Yellow/Delayed Red/Immediate Black/Dead
20M, A, 32 RR, 1s, alert
39F, NA, 18 RR, 1s, alert
10M, NA, 0 RR, present, unresponsive
84M, A, 26 RR, 2s, alert
22M, NA, 36 RR, 1s, alert
50M, NA, 20 RR, >2s, alert
17F, NA, 12 RR, >2s, confused
10F, A, 44 RR, present, appropriate
90F, NA, 16 RR, 1.5s, pain
62M, NA, 12 RR, .5s, alert
66F, NA, 10 RR, 1s, alert
18M, NA, 0 RR, >2s, unresponsive
11F, A, 5 RR, present, unresponsive
32M, NA, 0 RR, unable, unresponsive
18M, A, 10 RR, 2s, alert
3M, Carried, 0 RR, unable, unresponsive
23F, NA, 0 RR, unable, unresponsive
29F, NA, 22 RR, 1.5s, alert
99F, NA, 40 RR, >2s, pain
19M, NA, 16 RR, .5s, alert
33F, NA, 10 RR, >2s, alert
86F, NA, 50 RR, 2s, alert
64M, NA, 32 RR, >2s, alert
6M, A, 20 RR, present, appropriate
7M, Carried, 42 RR, present, inappropriate
43F, NA, 16 RR, absent, alert
77M, NA, 34 RR, .5s, verbal
42M, NA, 0 RR, >2s, pain
60F, NA, 0 RR, unable, unresponsive
35F, NA, 18 RR, 1s, alert
72M, A, 18 RR, .5s, alert
24M, A, 24 RR, 1.5s, alert
26F, A, 16 RR, >2s, alert
16F, A, 32 RR, 2s, alert
19M, A, 12 RR, >2s, alert
22F, NA, 18 RR, 1s, alert
30M, A, 36 RR, 1.5s, alert
42M, NA, 16 RR, .5s, alert
52F, NA, 16 RR, .5s, unresponsive
53M, A, 36 RR, 2s, alert
2F, NA, 36 RR, unable, unresponsive
20M, A, 44 RR, 1s, alert
19M, NA, 44 RR, 1s, unresponsive
19F, NA, 18 RR, 2s, confused
93F, NA, 0 RR, >2s, unresponsive

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