Living Life with GREENS

	 These days, what food trends were usually made up or added with meat. Like hamburgers, fried meat, patties, ‘adobos’, curries, and others. Although, not at all purely meat for it was added with some vegetables. But, why not more greens than reds?								
             In these days, what all we want is a green life or it means a healthy life but looking to others they prefer meats than vegetables. It is true that meats also have many benefits in our body and it is also full with vitamins but vegetables have more vitamins compared to meats. Meats have many vitamins that can also be found in greens like, protein that can be found on different kinds of beans, broccoli, raw nuts and others.
              Did you know that meats came from animals that also eat plants? According to what I read from the internet, before they considered meat as the source of protein, people eat greens. So why not cut through our main source instead of harming animals? We can save animals and at the same time we can live a healthy life. The goal is not to focus only on protein but also to consider the amino acid that is the building block of protein. You need amino acid in your body to form proteins. And you can find these on fruits like avocados, apples, and even bananas.

In the Philippines, elders live longer due to their proper balanced diets. For example, because of lack of resources, especially to red meats, let’s include those processed, they just find foods that were present in their places. Like those of sweet potato tops, or those exotic plants that are edible to eat. Yes, they may eat red foods but only occasionally. For example, when there are wedding events, they eat more to show their warm feelings to celebrate with the couple. But it does not destroy their balanced diet.

                It is not wrong to eat red food, we all need it also. But at least be conscious on what you eat. Lessen reds and be more on green. The vitamins that can be found in these are needed by your body. Do not disregard it. Be smart about your health. Do proper diet and you shall live a great and healthy life.