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This article list the appropriate draft animals. The listed species have the male animal used as a draft animal, and the female as dairy animal.

Though it will always be more of a hassle to use animals for agricultural work, and may even be more costly than when you would use a efficient traction engine (ie see the AT traction engine design of our AT CAD Team). The total cost and resource use thus not need to be calculated out, it will probably be negative compared to the AT traction engine. However, the advantage of draft animals is that in many remote locations in the developed world, there simply aren't any workshops nor any skill to make and/or repair such agricultural tools. Animals that have multiple uses (ie dairy animal, draft animal, sometimes even personal transportation) can thus be a suitable option.

Note that selected species can be allowed here, ie see the list of draft horses (this are selected species, original animal was the wild horse).

For the list of main animal species, refer to the map at animal husbandry For the way on how to attach a draft animal to a agricultural implement (most often using a bow yoke), see List of appropriate animals for transport.

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