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This page is a list of draft horse and pony breeds.[1]

List[edit | edit source]

  • Andalusian (or Spanish Horse, Lusitano): Portugese/Spanish breed. Carthusian (or Carthusian-Andalusian) is a side branch of the Andalusian.
  • Arabian: Polish breed
  • Ardennais (or Cheval de Trait Ardennais, Belgian Ardennes): Belgian/French breed
  • Astrurian (or Asturcon): Spanish breed
  • Albanian Mountain: Balkan breed
  • Albanian Myzeqea: Balkan breed
  • Alti: Russian breed
  • Avelignese: Austrian breed
  • Auxois: French breed
  • Bashkir: Russian breed
  • Byelorussian Harness: Russian breed
  • Budenny (or Budyonny, Budonny or Budennovsky): Russian breed
  • Belgian Draft Horse (or Brabant): Belgian breed
  • Boulonnais: French breed. 2 types: "fish cart" Boulonnais, Large Boulonnais (or Maree)
  • Breton: French breed. 3 types: Heavy Draft Breton, Postier Breton, Corlay or Central Mountain Breton
  • Camarque: French breed.
  • Cleveland Bay: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Clydesdale: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Comtois: French breed.
  • Danube (or Dunavska, Danubian, Dunav): Balkan (Bulgarian) breed
  • Dole Gudbrandsday (or Dolehest, Gudbrandsdahl): Norwegian breed
  • Don Horse: Russian breed
  • Dutch Draft Horse: Dutch breed
  • Dutch Warmblood: Dutch breed
  • Estonian Native (or Mestnaya estonskaya, Estonskaya loshad, Estonian Klepper, Estonian Pony): Estonian breed
  • Flemish: Belgian breed
  • Finnish Horse: Finnish breed
  • Finnish Draft: Finnish breed
  • Frederiksborg: Danish breed
  • Freiberger (or Swiss Mountain Horse): Swiss breed
  • Friesian: Dutch breed
  • Galiceño: Spanish breed
  • Gelderland: Dutch breed
  • Gotland (or Skogsruss, Russ, Gotlandsruss, Skogsbaggar, Skogshäst): Swedish breed
  • Gidran: Hungarian breed
  • Groningen: Dutch breed
  • Hanoverian: German breed
  • Hackney horse: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Haflinger: Italian breed
  • Hucul (or Carpathian pony): Polish breed
  • Icelandic (or Islenzki hesturinn, Icelandic toelter horse, Iceland Tolter): Icelandic breed
  • Iomud (or Iomudskaya, Yamud): Turkmenian breed
  • Irish Draught: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Italian Heavy Draft: : Italian breed
  • Kabarda: Russian breed
  • Karabair: Russian breed
  • Karabakh: Russian breed
  • Kazakh: Kazakh/Russian breed
  • Kisber Felver: Hungarian breed
  • Konik: Polish breed
  • Kladruber (or Kladruby): Czechian breed
  • Kustanai (or Kustanaiskaya): Kazakh/Russian breed
  • Losino: Spanish breed
  • Lipizzan: Austrian breed
  • Lithuanian Heavy Draft: Lithuanian breed
  • Malopolski: Polish breed
  • Mulassier: French breed.
  • Murgese: : Italian breed
  • Noric (or Noriker, Norisches Kaltbult, Pinzgauer): Austrian breed. Four bloodlines: South German Coldblood (or "Bavarian"), Steier, Tiroler, Karntner
  • Norwegian Fjord Horse: Norwegian breed
  • North Swedish horse: Swedish breed
  • Nordland: Norwegian breed
  • Nonius: Hungarian breed
  • Oldenburg: German breed
  • Orlov Trotter: Russian breed
  • Percheron: French breed.
  • Poitevin: French breed.
  • Poitou donkey: French breed.
  • Polish Draft: Polish breed 5 types: Lowicz, Sztum, Sololka, Gravolin, Lidzbark
  • Pottok (or Basque, Vasca): Spanish breed
  • Rhenish German: German breed
  • Russian Heavy Draft (or Russian Heavy Horse): Russian/Ukrainian breed
  • Russian Saddle Horse, aka Orlov-Rostopchin Horse.: Russian breed
  • Russian Trakehner: Russian breed
  • Russian Trotter: Russian breed
  • Schleswig-Holstein: German breed
  • Selle Francais: French breed.
  • South German Horse: German breed
  • Sorraia (or Marismeño): Spanish breed
  • Spanish Barb: Spanish breed
  • Shagya: Hungarian breed
  • Shire: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Suffolk Punch: British, Scotish, Irish breed
  • Swedish Warmblood: Swedish breed
  • Tersky & Strelesky: Russian breed
  • Tiger (or Spanish Jennet, Caballo Tigre): Spanish breed
  • Toric (or Tori): Estonian breed
  • Trakehner: German breed
  • Vladimir: Russian breed
  • Vyatka (or Vyatskata): Russian breed
  • Zhemaichu (or Zhmudka): Lithuanian breed

References[edit | edit source]

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