The Liberation Ecology Project is dedicated to bringing together the intelligence, vision, and strategic priorities of the global movement for social health & justice, with the insight, resources, and design perspective of the grassroots ecological design movement. The Project is primarily coordinated by rafter t. sass, in collaboration with a growing network of people and projects who share the overarching vision of working towards social and ecological health at the same time.

At this stage, the work of the Project has been primarily educational. It has taken the form of talks, workshops, and design facilitation, focusing on the constellation of issues surrounding the real and desired relationships between social and ecological health.

The current goals of the project are (1) To expand the existing Liberation Ecology education and design curriculum; and (2) To strengthen the existing network of collaborators and fellow travelers by (a) By profiling existing projects that are successfully modeling the combination of ecological and social objectives in their work, and sharing those models; (b) Inviting others to take ownership in the Liberation Ecology curriculum, project, and name; and (c) Bringing the network into more formal existence, so that others can access it and draw inspiration from it; (3) To provide support, in the form of ecological and social design consultancy, to projects and communities attempting to bridge the divide between social and ecological health.

Phase I of the Liberation Ecology Project began in June of 2005, and concluded in August of 2007. In that time, despite being a part-part-time project, around 20 workshops, talks, and design sessions were brought into being.

Phase II begins now, as other projects are set aside, so that the current goals of this project can take center stage.

If you are interested in collaboration, get in touch.

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