Permaculture garden was a permaculture wiki with around 100 or more pages of information about permaculture. Unfortunately it was hit hard by spammers and the software became corrupted. An arrangement was made to import the database to Appropedia but the database was corrupted and no backups were available. Content has been salvaged where possible from to import to Appropedia.

From the Main Page:

The Permaculture Information Web is a collaborative project to provide a comprehensive resource of permaculture related information. This wiki uses a precise language to describe the different parts of human habitat and that language is used to categorize the articles in this wiki. This narrative identifies the categories and shows how they fit together. Follow links to start exploring the content.

In this wiki, community members coauthor articles that use core principles of permaculture design to learn how to design human habitats.

The living parts of these habitats are made of elements; things like apple trees, chickens and dandelions. Groups of elements that interact in a beneficial way are organized into guilds. A guild is defined by a few core elements that define that guilds character.

One or more guilds guilds can be associated with built structures as suited to a particular location to create a pattern particular microclimatic context. For example, a sheet mulch garden, a chicken tractor, a meadow of chicken forage plants, fencing, and a compost system may combine into a pattern chicken forage garden system, where chickens and materials are moved around to achieve a particular efficiency or labor savings. patterns, built structures, and even elements are associated with the zones surrounding a human settlement.

These patterns are tuned to local context, described by hydrology, soils, and landscape setting. designs must be attuned to the creations of nature as well as the natural disturbance regimes that dominate landscapes. Techniques are used to evaluate and construct these patterns.

Ecological design and permaculture work are done by organizations and groups that are doing work on specific sites or have online resources. These sites may be categorized by their broader location, in particular, ecological divisions of the earth's surface described by ecoregions.

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