One of the core benefits of open hardware design for scientific equipment is to build easily on other people's work by making modest changes to provide customized functionality for your own lab. To obtain some practice for this skill this project involves customizing an existing scientific tool.

Your project: Customize an existing 3-D printable model for a scientific tool that will be useful in your lab: Due Date 3.27.2017

Assignment[edit | edit source]

  • Register with a free account at Youmagine
  • Choose an existing design by looking through examples here or search for specific tools in existing repositories and Yeggi
  • Using Blender or OpenSCAD or FreeCAD or combination of them customize in some way the tool you are interested in
  • Print your design with appropriate infill for item.
  • 3D Printing at Mold Components
  • Upload new design to Youmagine (STL,source and photograph) with a brief description of how you did it with sources. Make sure to give credit to the original designer and follow the appropriate open source license.
  • In Appropedia gallery below add your image and hyperlink to your design on Youmagine
  • Bring printed design to class on 3/27 – put your name on the paper slip and the class you are in and tape it to your design so that it will not come off!

Gallery of Customized Scientific Tools[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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