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This Global Health Medical Device is designed for or implemented within resource-limited settings - Browse the devices - Add a device

Health Topic Waterborne diseases
Classification Preventative
Scope Prototype
Location Africa, Asia, South America

Problem being addressed[edit]

Over 3 million people die of diarrheal diseases each year. In the case of developing countries, a large portion of illnesses could be prevented if more people had access to water for hand washing, which is hard to find. Also when traveling, it is hard to find access to clean water far from a fresh source.

Detailed description of the solution[edit]

The device uses a micro-filter to filter out contaminants larger than a micrometer and a piezoelectric powered electrolysis device to filter between 5 and 20mL of water at a time. It removes 99.99% of all parasites.

Relevance to developing country settings[edit]

This device was designed for use in developing countries, and as such is made from recyclable materials, which can be purchased for under A2.50. It requires no batteries or external power. It runs on piezoelectric power. Also, it only requires 5-20 mLs to clean a person's hand, suitable for areas with limited water supply. It is designed for use in limited-resource settings.

Designed by[edit]

  • Designed by: Balin Lee, from Sydney Australia


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Facts about "Kopper"
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Medical Device ScopePrototype +
Medical Device TopicWaterborne diseases +