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JMC116 post userpage assignment

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  1. Select and copy the text below
  2. Click your username (after logging in) in the upper right of Appropedia
  3. Paste the text
  4. Replace ALLCAPS words with your own and delete any unwanted content
    • For spam abatement, Appropedia requires a new user to wait 30 minutes after account creation, or 1 saved edit, before you are allowed to post external links. Either wait the 30 minutes, or save a page without external links (e.g. http://www.humboldt.edu), before posting URLs.
  5. Preview, summarize and save
  6. Add your photo (see this tutorial and/or this screencast for help on how).

Feel free to improvise - See the User:UserName pages listed under Category:JMC330 International Mass Communication for examples. Also see help for more.

Copy the following the code[edit | edit source]


== About Me ==
:SOME INFORMATION ABOUT YOU.  For example, you could write: My name is XXXX and I study at [http://www.humboldt.edu/ Humboldt State University]. 

My favorite page on Appropedia is [[PAGENAME]].  (this code provides an internal link)

== Favorite sources of information ==
*SOURCE  (use single brackets for external links)

[[Category:JMC116 Intro to Mass Communication]]