The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) is an international umbrella organization for the organic agricultural movement around the world.[1] IFOAM has existed since 1972[1]

IFOAM brings together a wide array of stakeholders involved in the organic agriculture movement, in one way or another. The aim is to mainstream the uptake of organic agriculture.[1]

IFOAM has approximately 800 affiliates in over 100 countries.[1]

Structure of IFOAM[edit | edit source]

IFOAM holds a General Assembly every three years.[1] This is aimed at bringing together, leading and helping the affiliates in the organization, in a "fair, inclusive and participatory manner".[1]

A World Board is elected at each General Assembly.[1] This Board helps to appoint new affiliates and guides the direction of IFOAM.[1] It also administers the meetings of committees, working groups and task forces.

Activities of IFOAM[edit | edit source]

Some of the work of IFOAM includes developing standards or facilitating organic agriculture in developing countries.[1]

IFOAM also helps to establish alliances that focus on regional and sector specific priorities. These are termed Regional Bodies and Sector Platforms.[1]

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