Miles of Inspiration[edit | edit source]

A Voluntary Donation Program in Support of Youth Leadership Development

Global Coordination by:

Theme[edit | edit source]

Inter-Generational Partnerships for Livable Futures

Developing the capacity of the next generation of Youth who will lead the sweeping shift into the Sustainability Era

How[edit | edit source]

  • Volunteers donate Frequent Flyer Miles

Arrangements can be made on individual basis and as corporate program. All Miles support Youth Programs

Past Events[edit | edit source]

Atlanta – March 27-30, 2007. Mileage program successfully enabled youth to attend Sustainability and Innovation in Business, Global Forum, Society of Organizational Learning/US Partnership National Youth Initiatives.

Upcoming ***Immediate Action Requested***[edit | edit source]

July 25-30, 2007
Leaders of the Next Generation Seminar, Hillsdale NY at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
August 6-13, 2007
Yukon River Watershed Summit, New Zealand Maori/Samoan youth represent S. Pacific at Alaska tribal summit

Additional programming in collaboration with N. American and global Youth Leadership in Sustainability initiatives now in development.

Opportunity to partner with your organization


  • Conference delegations
  • Cross-culture exchange
  • Capacity building, training and team development sessions for project teams in global youth development.
  • Youth engagement in adult conferences, business, academic civil society forums which bring cross sector, public-private groupings together - Involve the Youth Voice, utilize youth as trained facilitators. Ensure the conversation takes place between the Generations.

Additional Contact Information[edit | edit source]

  • Doug Cohen
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