Overview[edit | edit source]

Feature Analyst exists as an extension to ArcGIS and is offered from Visual Learning Systems. It is an object-based advanced feature extraction program which can be used to extract a wide range of features from digital images. It uses both spatial and spectral information to produce feature recognition algorithms behind the scenes; however the program is user-friendly and quick to learn, even for GIS novices. More information can be found here.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

Feature Analyst enables feature extraction (2D and 3D) for buildings, water, vegetation, etc., through the creation of a training set and use of the machine learner. Batch classification, change detection, hierarchical learning and post-processing abilities also exist. The tutorial document (which comes with the tutorial) and the Reference Manual (which comes with the full Feature Analyst license) provide a good understanding of all of these functions.

How to Get Feature Analyst[edit | edit source]

The tutorial data and information set for Feature Analyst may be downloaded from the Visual Learning Systems website. The tutorial exposes the user to the wide range of Feature Analyst capabilities. Only pre-set images may be used with the tutorial copy.

There is a charge to obtain the full program, but often 14-day trial licenses are offered through contacting a sales representative.

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