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Identica ( is a microblogging site similar to, but with key differences:

  • The software ( is open source.
  • It uses open protocols. Indeed, it pioneered the protocols.
  • Even where other sites don't follow the open protocols, it makes sharing as easy as possible. You can share you posts via and have them automatically posted to Twitter (in settings > )
  • Additional features that make information on the site much more accessible and useful:
    • Groups - similar to hashtags, but everything from a group you join appears in your timeline. Questions posted to a group are more likely to be seen by people who follow that topic. Also allows for aliases - so "!sustainable" puts the post in the same group as "!green".
    • Context - see the whole conversation, threaded. See at a glance whether anyone has responded to a post yet.
  • Smaller community. Spammers are less frequent, and quickly removed.
  • Very active tech community.

This can be a useful tool in many areas, for asking questions and making connections.

Development, appropriate technology and sustainability[edit | edit source]

Note these groups relevant to Appropedia's areas of focus (many of which are managed by the Appropedia Identica account):

Development, sustainability and design
Information technology
Education and open knowledge
(see also "Information technology" above)
Specifically for Appropedia

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