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Authors Ellen
Tools scissors
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FPT 1.jpg
Collect materials. Find a flat piece of trash (FPT), styrofoam or cardboard works well. Then obtain scissors or a knife that will be able to cut through the trash.
FPT 2.jpg
Cut a side of the FPT that will be one side of a square. Use the cut piece to measure the other sides of the square.
FPT 3.jpg
Cut all the sides until...
FPT 4.jpg
you have a completed square.
FPT 5.jpg
Cut the two opposite corners diagonally.
FPT 6.jpg
Then cut across.
FPT 7.jpg
Put one of the triangles aside, and cut the other triangle in half to form two smaller triangles.
FPT 8.jpg
This is what you should have so far.
FPT 9.jpg
Set aside the two small triangles. Fold the big triangle as shown. If you cannot fold the FPT just estimate and skip to step 10.
FPT 10.jpg
Cut the big triangle as shown.
FPT 11.jpg
Cut the big triangle again to form the three pieces shown.
FPT 12.jpg
Pick up the piece to the right and cut as shown, forming a square and an even smaller triangle.
FPT 13.jpg
Pick up the piece to the left and cut as shown, forming a parallelogram and a triangle.
FPT 14.jpg
Putting back together made a tangram puzzle!
FPT 15.jpg
Here is just one of the many possible images you can make.

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Keywords recycling, upcycling, recycled materials, tetrapack, upcycling gallery
SDG Sustainable Development Goal SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Ellen
Published 2015
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