The effects of flooding are traditionally reduced by:

  • Building on higher ground
  • Building on stilts
  • Living on floating houses, or house boats

More modern solutions involve stopping the water from entering the house by blocking all places where water can enter - see Wikipedia:Flood mitigation #Protection of individual properties

Stilts and house boats are the chosen solutions where there is a lack of suitable high ground.

An idea has been proposed for a more high tech solution: "Using a steel dock-like structure and blocks of Styrofoam, a Louisiana professor has designed housing that avoids flood-damage by moving with rising water."[1] This is still at the design stage and it seems like that it would be more expensive, and (being a more complex design) has more to go wrong.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 'Adaptive' Housing For Flood-Prone Areas, 1 May 2007

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