Growstuff is an open source, collaborative, community-oriented website and social network for food gardeners. It is a developing database of crops, harvests, planting advice, seed sources, and other useful gardening information that anyone can use for free for any purpose, under a CC-by-sa license. Growstuff is an independent, ad-free and operated as a social business.

Openness[edit | edit source]

The platform is open source. It is developed using Ruby on Rails, using an agile programming methodology which includes pair programming, both in-person and via web link-ups.

The data collected is open data, available via API or csv files.

Benchmarking Harvests[edit | edit source]

Benchmarking Harvests is a collaboration with Permaculture Melbourne to enable tracking of harvests through the Growstuff platform, collecting the data to reveal the potential of urban agriculture and insights about local food growing patterns such as planting and harvest times. [1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Growstuff is an initiative of Alex Bayley an ex-Google coder and a food grower, living in Melbourne, Australia.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Benchmarking Harvests announcements: