Fig 1: Greenbox Region Map

What?[edit | edit source]

The Greenbox is a web-based information service provided by Responsible Tourism Ltd. T/A to connect environmentally friendly businesses to travelers who want to eco-travel. Its main purposes is to provide training and networking support to businesses within the eco-tourism sector and any organization interested in developing their business in a more environmentally friendly way. The Greenbox is an eco-tourism destination region located in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The region of the Greenbox includes countries; Fermanagh, Leitrim, West Cavan, North Sligo, South Donegal and North West Monaghan.

Fig:Ancient Irish treatment hut. Taken by: Tom Hyde

The Greenbox has attracted a high number of "green" and eco-tourism businesses to Ireland and is also working to develop further resources to create a world class eco-tourism destination. With a focus on raising eco-tourism standards, the Greenbox is bringing together representatives from many national, regional and local agencies to take a focus in the environment.

Waterfall on Glenaiff River-Country Leitrim.jpg

What's next?[edit | edit source]

Responsible Tourism Ltd is crossing the border organization in the Northwest of Ireland to begin the development of eco-tourism in that region. To achieve this task, Responsible Tourism Ltd has developed an eco-tourism quality label that will continue to strengthen the Greenbox brand and defend the ethical values of existing Greenbox eco-tourism promoters. The label has also been designed to guide visitors travel choices and help them to choose promoters of eco-tourism products.

The Greenbox philosophy is the concept of environmental sustainability and the label has been very much developed with this in mind, in order to ensure that the environmental impacts of Greenbox products are minimized. The label also encourages proactive nature conservation and the promotion of local cultural values, while at the same time developing our local economy and the long term viability of the Greenbox destination. The core of eco-tourism is to travel in a small scale, with low impact to the environment and engaging in sustainable principles and the Greenbox organization helps you connect to businesses that focus on being environmental friendly in within Ireland.

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