• be brief, clear, jargon free and interesting

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Summarize the request at the beginning of the proposal
  • Identify who is applying for the grant
  • One sentence shows credibility
  • One sentence should describes the problem
  • One sentence should define the objective
  • One sentence should illustrate the methods
  • Cover total cost including what has been raised

Intro[edit | edit source]

  • clearly show who is applying for funding
  • describe the applicant's organization and its goals
  • describe any programs and activities of the organization
  • describe the applicant's constituents
  • describe the applicant's accomplishments
  • include quantitative data to support accomplishments
  • include quotes that support the applicant
  • brief problem statement

Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

  • relate to the goals of the applicant
  • define scope
  • include quantitative support
  • state in terms of the client's needs
  • show how clent's input was taken into consideration
  • avoid unsupported assumptions

Program Objective[edit | edit source]

  • describe how outcome will be quantified
  • for each problem in the problem statement, there should be a program objective withch addresses this problem
  • Objectives should be results instead of methods
  • show how the outcome will be beneficial
  • state time frame

Methods[edit | edit source]

  • describe how the objectives will be reached
  • state why these methods were chosen to accomplish the objectives
  • describe program staffing
  • the scope and time frame should be reasonable

Evaluation[edit | edit source]

  • present a plan for to evalueate the stated objectives including methods, instruments and questionairs used in evaluation
  • present a plan for objective modification in light of incoming information
  • tell who will eveluate accomplishment of the objectives and how they were chosen
  • describe evaluation reports, and when they should be expected

Future Programs and Funding[edit | edit source]

  • show how the program will survive the current funding cycle
  • describe how the program will be maintained

Budget[edit | edit source]

  • detailed
  • should project costs
  • contain no unexplained costs
  • require no interpretation by the funding agency
  • include all volunteers, consultants, fringe benefits, salaries, indirect costs, items paid for by other sources, and items asked for

Discussion[View | Edit]

An excellent article, that was contributed anonymously. Thanks! CurtB 17:25, 11 September 2008 (PDT)

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