Giant Kangaroo Rat

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Dipodomys ingens, a species listed as endangered and of current concern due to the California Valley Solar Ranch project proposal in San Luis Obispo County California.

Possible adaptation to invasives[edit | edit source]

A search of the literature (McNeely 2004) suggests the concern that the GKR may be adapted to invasive or non-native species, ie. red brome (Bromus rubens)Apparently, the seeds of the RB are larger than other seeds in the area, which makes them more attractive to the GKR.[1]

A policy problem is thus: would it be preferable to establish new mitigation reserves with no Red brune, forcing the animals to re-adapt to their original preferred native foods? Would they accept that, or would they attempt to migrate back into areas where they could find the now-favored Red Brune? [2] [3]

References[edit | edit source]

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