Built environment

3 million stones are left over from the stone age.

Mankind is the first species that has some control over the environment.

Number of new build cities in China and India of over 500k people?

The average price of houses with the number 13 is about £4,000 to £5,000 less than adjacent houses.

600 of the world's largest cities cover more than half the world's GDP.


Value of foreign direct investment in India and China

Value of foreign investment flowing out of China and to which countries/industries

What is the number of start ups in Russia?

What will be the average size in number of employees of organizations in the future?

Oil prices will continue to rise!

Demographics in companies.

What will be the economic models of the future?

40% of World GDP is from China.

5 out of 6 new ventures in the UK fail.

80% of new hires fail.

70% of change management programmes fail.

Who will pay for our products in 2030 if 2.3 billion people will be living in slums?

Culture and community

Life expectancy has declined in some countries (e.g. Ukraine in the aftermath of Chernobyl, HIV/AIDS incidence rates in Zambia, political instability in Zimbabwe). Compound problems can reduce the live expectancy further.

Close to half of Swedes live alone.

How many resources does a person need?

50% of the developed world's population will be non-productive in 2030?

10% of the world's population own 90% of the worlds' wealth.

10% of people consume 90% of resources.

Increasing proportion of people are in the middle class.

Number of people moving into middle class cities?

1% of Manchester United fans live in Manchester.

25% of under 25's are unemployed in the UK.

3rd generation unemployment is a huge issue in the UK.

Only 2 European countries have positive population growth.


Greeks put 97% of waste into landfill.

How much more recycling of materials do we have to do to get a sustainable future?

Only 15% of what we produce is recycled.

What will be the ratio of new to recycled materials?

How can we keep up with re-use of environment?


There is only 20-30 years of petrol left, depending on the price!

10 billion kWh of energy hits the earth from the Sun every day.

In 20 years time, we will still be generating 60% of electricity from fossil fuels.

Energy challenges will be the biggest mega-trend of the next 20 years.

Power plants generate twice as much heat as electricity.

When we were at 6 billion people we were using energy for 6 billion people. When we reach 12 billion people we will be using 18 billion persons worth of energy.

Number of permissions for new off-shore drilling rigs in US waters post BP Deep Water Horizon?

30% of renewable energy generation is by renewables.

40% of energy generated by buildings serving 10% of the population.

Food and agriculture

More than 30% of the North American population suffers from obesity.

Feeding the future polulation is the greatest global challenge.

Diets in China are changing... placing huge pressure on resources required for meat (and then, subsequently, pressure on health).

How many kilocalories does a person really need?

75% of Colmans mustard is left on the plate.

50% crop yield developed in Western countries. 20% crop yield in emerging markets.

25% of the world's crop loss are attributed to resistant plant fungal pathogens.

Health and safety

People are living longer than ever before.

The Finns and Australians buy most alcohol.

Could the obesity time-bomb, smoking, alcohol consumption reverse the longevity trend?

India and China are overtaking the US in terms of diabetes patients.

India is capital for diabetes in the world - 44 million people are affected.

The UK NHS needs to save £20 billion in the next 4 years.

Based on current trends, 20% to 25% of children born today will live to the age of 100 in the developed world.

A new born girl (in Germany) has a life expectancy of 100.

International development

We are now consuming about 1.25 Earths per year.

If all global regions reach USA standards of living and consumption, then global consumption would require 4 Earths.

In 40 years time there will be more than 40% more people in the world than today.

Population to go from 6.1 billion today to 9 billion in 2050.


How much data is duplicated in servers: redundant or duplicated information? What impact would have this on energy usage?

90% of people don't know the full detail of the declaration of human rights.

How long does a trend last?

9 out 11 people in companies don´t know the company goals.


How many years before we colonise a neighbouring planet?

Is Brazil living up to the BRIC hype?


50% of Apple's revenue is from the iPhone and iPad.

Taking action

Only 10 years left to allow peak emissions.

How many years will it take to restore the damage of global warming?


What is future of hybrid automation control systems - between PLC and DCS?

A one litre car will be able to drive 100km.

During the day the population of Manhattan is 8 million, and at night and the weekend it drops to 2 million.


What is the annual level of investment in water management in Western Europe?

Water is increasingly being treated as a 'need' instead of a 'right'.


Earth's 200 volcanoes produce more CO2 than all mankind.

Each human being is, on average, responsible for 44g of CO2 per day.

25% reduction in Carbon Emissions by 2020.

98% of the human body is changed every 2 years.

Mobile phone roaming prices are 10% too high.

Only 20% of genes in the human being fire.

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