Greeks put 97% of waste into landfill

How much more recycling of materials do we have to do to get a sustainable future?

What will be the percentage of new to recycled materials ?

How much data is duplicated in servers : redundant or duplicated information ?

What impact would have this on energy usage?

How many years will it take to restore the damage of global warming?

How can we keep up with re-use of environment ?

90% of people dont know the full detail of the declaration of human rights?

What will be the average size in number of employees of organizations in the future ?

Demographics in companies .

How many kilocalories does a person really need ?

How many resources does a person need?

What will be the economic models of the future ?

When we were at 6 Billion people we will be using energy for 6 Billion.

When we reach 12 billion we will be using 18 Billion persons worth of energy?

50% ofd the developed worlds population will be non productive in 2030?

10% of the world's population own 90% of the worlds' wealth

Increasing % of people will be middle class - implications

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