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Fully 3D Printed Parametric Burette Clamp

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Created By: Kaalessi (talk) 15:26, 7 November 2019 (UTC)


The goal of this project was to create a functional fully 3D printed burette clamp. An additional goal of this project was to make the model easily adjustable to match the user's needs. For example, by changing one variable within the code, you can make the burette stand hold one or two burettes. Additionally, changing the diameter of the hole for the rod is straightforward.

Parts Needed for to create a Burette Clamp (Single Burette)[edit]

- One Main Body

  - This can be printed without support material as long as your printer is dialed in

- Two 3D printed screws

  - The diagonal screw is used to tighten the clamp to a rod stand
  - The second screw's orientation is horizontal and tightens the clamp down onto a burette

- One 3D printed nut

  - The nut is used in the mechanism for tightening down the clamp on the burette
  • Note: If printing the double clamp, two nuts and three screws are required

Access the Files![edit]

NIH Model Library:

Files also available on github: github:


Fig 1: Close up of Single Burette Clamp Holding Burette.  
Fig 2: Both Single and Double Burette Clamps.  
Fig 3: Alternate Angle Single Burette Clamp.  

Cost Savings[edit]

  1. Cost to build: ~$2

Comparable alternatives can go for as high as ~$42!