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Fuel-powered turbine

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A fuel-powered turbine is a turbine that is powered by a fuel (ie a liquid or a gas).[1] Unlike ie steam turbines, the fuel burned is immediatelly used to turn the turbine blades. As such, the step of converting fuel to steam is skipped and fuel-powered turbines are hence more efficient then steam turbines. This article specifically focuses on turbines of a small size intented for the purpose of local electricity supply.


Both gas and liquid-fueled microturbines should be distinguished, as they vary slightly in regards to the design.

DIY gas and liquid-fueled microturbines[edit]

The simplest form of self-constructed gas turbine employs an automotive turbocharger as the core component. A combustion chamber is fabricated and plumbed between the compressor and turbine sections.[2][3] The Schreckling design[4] constructs the entire engine from raw materials, including the fabrication of a centrifugal compressor wheel from plywood, epoxy and wrapped carbon fibre strands.[4]

Commercial microturbines[edit]

Several companies have started to produce microturbines, mostly for the purpose of energy production, as well as for use as a "range extender" in electric vehicles.[5]

Notable companies are:

Some other companies as Garrett and Deutz also produce microturbines[6][7]

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