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While air travel represents just about 2% of global emissions,[1] that's because only 4% of the world population flies regularly (at least once per year).[2] But for those that do fly, it typically makes up more than 50% of their carbon footprint! So if you fly regularly, reducing flights is probably the top way to cut your footprint.

  • Give a chance to local destinations for holidays
  • Favor overnight trains or buses over short distances
  • Think harder whether you really need to go to that conference
  • Pay extra for shorter direct flights (your time is valuable too!)
  • Compensate your emissions

Alternatives[edit | edit source]

Although there are some ways to reduce aviation's climate impact, the only truly effective way to avoid the greenhouse impact of flying is to not fly. This section aims to provide different alternatives for a more sustainable transportation.

Air travel in academia[edit | edit source]


Air travel is an essential part of the professional lives of many academics, and a major source of pollution from that sector. In the context of the climate crisis, there have been appeals to reduce air travel by replacing it with other modes of transportation, replacing it with videoconferencing, or renouncing inessential trips.

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