This might get transwikied to wikiHow or a Getting Things Done related wiki in time. It partly reflects my own aggravations with Facebook :). --Chriswaterguy · talk 05:17, 10 December 2007 (PST)

There's been some discussion among Appropedia about using Facebook for networking. Whether or not it turns out to be useful, there are some precautions to take, in terms of privacy, and the time-consuming nature of Facebook, and in terms of using it for networking.


  • Networking:
    • Appropedia has been added to "causes". The Appropedia page is
    • If you want to find likeminded people, that might be possible. (However, it's unclear whether valuable connections, in terms of people to work with, can come from Facebook. You can't view strangers' profiles by default. However, if you see someone (e.g. on a "Cause" page) that you might want to connect with, "poke" them, then they can view your profile for a week; if they poke back, you can view yours. Presumably you can then message and add as friends.[verification needed])
    • You can click "Like" or comment on any of Appropedias news and links on their Wall or Logg. It is also easy to post the Appropedia-web-adress on your own wall. This is visible to all your contacts, if they get curious they will ask you what you are involved in. You could also easily share a link from Appropedias page on Facebook to your friends or family that perhaps have friends in other countries. Hopefully the interest spreads, and grows, among everyones sphere of friends and coworkers. As more people learn about what Appropedia is about, it has potential to outreach to far away acquaintances like individuals in undeveloped nations. However do not spam regularly, be sure to choose to recommend articles or categories that are of general interest and well written.