If you're looking for people or organizations who share your particular interests in sustainability and development related areas - appropriate technology, solar power, cycling or whatever your interest is - here are some ways to find people.

It may be that you want to find people from around the world, or your own area, or you're going to a new city or country and want to find people there.

Ways to find people:

  • Browse the Appropedia Locations category
  • Browse the Appropedia "Users by interest" category
  • WiserEarth[1] allows searching by interests, language, and location.
    1. Enter a country or topic name, e.g. Ecuador - this will list any organization based in that country or mentioning that country in their profile. If you only want organizations based in that country, enter country:Ecuador (replacing Ecuador with the country you want).
    2. Click "Advanced search" just above the search and you get more options to narrow it down, or can change the country. (Be careful with "Areas of focus" though - start typing, but you need to wait for a drop down list of options to appear, and select one.)
  • Web search e.g. Google:Kuala-Lumpur+appropriate-technology (and search in the local language if you can)
  • Look up social networks that allow you to find people by interest (and perhaps location) - Social networking lists a number of sites that might be helpful.
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