Objective: Make fabrication facilities and resources accessible.

Fab Focus is a virtual hub to facilitate the development of physical production hubs known as Open Source Fab Labs and the partner networks required to sustain them. The Austin Fab Lab and Factor e Farm are Fab Partners in this movement.

This hub is to facilitate coordination and participation. That begins with discussion at Open Manufacturing and ends with usable resources found from here. Develop and use these resources and add as needed.

Fab Discussion Focus[edit | edit source]

Context[edit | edit source]

Nathan Cravens[edit | edit source]

"Here is a model to use when approaching the Open Manufacturing list with your design inquires. Please revise it for general use. The Open Manufacturing list began as a discussion of theory. We now need to move forward and collaborate for action in order to put theory to practice."

MiniCollaboration Platform[edit | edit source]

  • Define the production-in-focus
  • Make a concise wiki for each project to inform our group.
  • Be extremely open source
  • State your project clearly to the Open Manufacturing list to incite collaboration.

Make Collaborators[edit | edit source]

Inquire the group for...

  • knowledge
  • materials
  • funding
  • participation

In general practice this looks like...

  • Who has the production knowledge for construction? What is the most effective knowledge to use?
  • Where can the materials be found? Who has them freely available to contribute? (or) Where can they be found for least cost?
  • How can we attract funding? Where can we attract it? Will you fund the production-in-focus?
  • Who will participate?
  • Show how! Reflect this in discussion and your wiki.

Let's perfect the art of...

  • vision
  • organization
  • fabrication
  • documentation
  • replication

Add to these lists as you see fit.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Fab Partners[edit | edit source]

Partner community fabrication facilities and the people that organize them.

Fab Lab Organization[edit | edit source]

Organization methods for fabrication facilities are currently under discussion. See Fab Lab Organization for the brainstorm highlights.

Fab Instruction[edit | edit source]

Step-by-step instructions are documented using the most effective media. This section describes what can be placed in the Fab Instruction of each product wiki.

Physical Resources[edit | edit source]

Available physical materials are listed in addition to the knowledge already generated. This section describes what to place in the Physical Resources of each product wiki.

Fab Lab Benefits[edit | edit source]

Benefits for fabricators and investors

Open Business Models[edit | edit source]

The first business model of focus helps produce fabrication facilities and facility network.

Community Marketing[edit | edit source]

Social networking and viral marketing resources. Organizational models are developed as needed.

Open Source Hardware Businesses[edit | edit source]

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