Appropedia is where the globe can post available physical materials in addition to the knowledge already generated. Let's network with the Freecycle and Freegle people and the Appropedia community to put a physical materials platform into better practice.

Outline[edit | edit source]

  • Add a Physical Resources section to the wiki

A contributor clearly states...

  • the details of the materials you have
  • your geographical location
  • times available for pick-up/delivery or shipping cost

Delete entry after acquisition. Then repeat the cycle. Thank you for giving freely!

The Gift Economy[edit | edit source]

Giving things away seems counter-intuitive - haven't you just lost out? But by giving something away, you get something of value - maybe it's some extra space, maybe it's a sense that you've helped your local community or the environment, maybe it's that you've met someone new and interesting. And for the person who gets it, they're saving money and the planet at the same time. That's why using organisations like Freegle or Freecycle can be so useful. Don't throw it away - give it away.