Evidence-based practice or evidence-based medicine has been defined as "integration of best research with clinical expertise, patient values, and available resources."[1]

EBP and Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

Appropriate technology and EBP share a common goal of providing solutions that are effective for the individual and the community.

Criticism of EBP[edit | edit source]

Evidence-based practice has been criticized includes the exclusion of under-represented groups from the studies on which the evidence is based. This may be especially true as research is often profit driven by producers of medical technology who seek more affluent populations to market their goods. As well, some feel that the method of passing information from the "expert" to the "base" fosters dependence and discourages individual thinking at the local level[2]

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The "evidence base" of the Medical Industry indicates that medical "practice" is The Number One Killer in the US.

Garry Null: Death by Medicine http://tinyurl.com/2637v


-- Scientifically-credible info on plant-based human diets: http://ecologos.org/ttdd.html news:alt.food.vegan.science

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