Discussion thread for comments, suggestions, and discussion[edit | edit source]

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Entry to all films is free-of-charge.[edit | edit source]

Date Film Volunteers Food
Wednesday Jan. 23 The Future of Food Jess, Todd Whole Foods
Thursday Jan. 24 Gandhi Campus caterer (if they can do local food)
Friday Jan. 25 Double Header: Who Killed the Electric Car? and A Crude Awakening Frank, Todd
Saturday Jan. 26 Oil on Ice Frank, Todd
Wednesday Jan. 30 King Corn (CANCELLED) Replacements: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil and Ripe for Change Jess, Todd
Thursday Jan. 31 Short film night: The City, The Story of Stuff, A World at Waste and Green Jess, Todd
Friday Feb. 1 Double Header: Blue Vinyl and Everything's Cool Todd
Saturday Feb. 2 A Passion for Sustainability Todd

Alternative films: A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil; Trashed; The Corporation; Fed Up

'Discussion thread for comments, suggestions, and discussion'[edit | edit source]

PDF version of the poster: Media:EnvFilmSeries08 ad.pdf

Original poster (including week 1):

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