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Designing a National Alternative Energy Market[edit | edit source]

Ft. Mason, San Francisco - November 16, 17, 18, 2007[edit | edit source]

Energy EASE 2007 [1]is the inaugural year of bringing together leaders and influencers to solve a specific and important societal issue. The work of this annual conference will transform its attendees from individuals and communities into an undeniable sphere of influence that brings social change to the United States and beyond.

Energy EASE 2007 enables attendees to transform fragmented initiatives and segments into an economically viable, fluidly operating national alternative energy market. Through fun and interesting working sessions, keynotes and exhibit floor experiences, members representing 11 key market functions work and play to generate RESULTS.

EASE’s Gaiaspace™ social network and collaboration tools speed dialogs and planning between: alternative energy farmers, product manufacturers, channel distribution, users, utilities, energy wholesalers, associations, regulatory, finance, arbitration and media/education.

Goals[edit | edit source]

By working together through EASE, the participants will address how to RAPIDLY:

  • Increase the availability of alternative, sustainable energy in the United States by encouraging energy farming
  • Reduce the costs for an individual, company or other group to buy and use sustainable energy through local and regional energy exchange systems
  • Establish a respected certification (including mark, approval process and governance) that indicates adoption of sustainable energy practices, to give visibility and market advantage to those products and services created with sustainable energies
  • Acquire necessary small and large financing to enable anyone genuinely interested in sustainability to be able to participate in creating this new market
  • Network with others all interests, skills and visions to create a personal community for solving needs and growing opportunities

Accountability[edit | edit source]

Unlike any other public planning gathering, EASE will hold itself publicly accountable for its results within the following year. The conference on-line and on-site working sessions are created and guided by Society of Organizational Learning (SoL) Sustainability Consortium. [2] SSC members represent the world’s leading companies opening new frontiers in alternative energy and sustainability. EASE brings their ideas, issues and market influence together for the mutual benefit of all.

Gaiasoft™ and Gaiaspace™ are our powerful tools that help concepts become tracked, benchmarked initiatives. From the moment of registration, Gaiaspace starts building a personal network for each attendee – linking like-minded problem solvers, recommending sessions to attend, suggesting pre-conference preparations. Work before, during and after the conference moves the market from fragmentation to integration as partnerships are formed across interests.

Fun, San Francisco Style. EASE 2007 working sessions will be conducted simultaneously within the larger conference programming of exhibits, demonstrations and multiple daily keynote addresses by industry leaders. As expected from the world’s most creative city, San Francisco’s delights of food, entertainment, majestic scenery, arts/culture/music and more will be central to the EASE experience.

This is EASE – a collaborative market-building initiative for complex sustainability projects today.

Participation[edit | edit source]

EASE Dialog Participants (free) gain on-line access to the entire EASE community and the working groups it builds, from registration through October 31, 2007. Permanent extension from November 1, 2007 ($250). This Gaiaspace social network allows participants to see, be seen, and collaborate as EACH INDIVIDUAL wishes, including total privacy if one so chooses.

EASE ATTENDEE participants ($1195) in addition to having Dialog privileges, are invited to participate in live EASE working sessions at the November conference, attend EASE keynotes, participate in live demos and exhibits and receive on-going EASE 2007 value for the following twelve months.

Sponsorships and Exhibitors[edit | edit source]

For sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities please inquire at