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Goals[edit | edit source]

Garden Goal: Make individual planters and plant seeds in them

Teaching Goal: Teach about the different stages of the plant life cycle


Activities[edit | edit source]

Relaxation Activity (5 minutes)[edit | edit source]

A: Sit with eyes closed and try to hear birds for two minutes

MAKE PLANTERS! (1 hour)[edit | edit source]

A: Fill up planters with soil

B: Allow kids to chooses between sunflower and squash seeds

C: Water planters one child at a time so that we can individually show them how much water their seeds need

Read story about plant life cycle while showing pictures of plants at different stages in the story (45 minutes)[edit | edit source]

A: Draw pictures of the seeds they just planted at different stages of the cycle and talk to kids about the different stages. Be sure to relate the seed story and the life cycle back to their seeds

Go outside and water garden with kids (5 minutes)[edit | edit source]

Supplies[edit | edit source]

  • Copies of blank plant pictures for the kids to color in
  • plant story and pictures
  • markers
  • blank paper
  • bottom half of water bottles with holes poked in bottom (for air)
  • soil
  • seeds

Discussion[View | Edit]

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