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Yesterday[edit | edit source]

We all know that being an eco-friendly person will allow us to save a some small amount money here and there. However, being eco-friendly free of charge is such a great opportunity to everyone living and visiting Dublin, Ireland. I'm talking about Ecocabs, passengers carrying tricycles powered by people within the center of Dublin. Ecocabs-Ireland has launched their season on April 1st and will run their FREE services all year long until Dec 31st 2011.

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Today[edit | edit source]

Dublin has become hugely congested in recent years and the problems of global warming and traffic pollution continue to threaten Ireland's future as well as its reputation as a nation. Visitors who come to Dublin can see that we are doing our part to preserve the beauty that is Ireland as well as participate. These Ecocabs are emission-free transportation and also promotes the use of cycling. Ecocabs-Ireland is committed to providing a new, green and alternative form of city transport that is highly efficient for their inner city commuting as well as giving the community businesses a high quality service by delivering efficient and effective campaigns. Ecocabs is changing people's perspective towards global warming and environmental issues by giving people an opportunity to do something beneficial and by helping make Dublin a cleaner and more energy efficient city.

fig 3: Roughly about 10 Ecocabs in the center capitol

Tomorrow[edit | edit source]

Companies and organizations looking to market their brand or product will also be improving their own green image. The attention and impact that Ecocabs gain daily through Dublin city makes the city the most attractive and innovative form of outdoor marketing in the country. Ecocabs are a fleet of modern passenger tricycles operating a free shuttle to the public every single day. This practice will soon be adapted worldwide so that we're all fighting against global warming together. Dublin's Ecocabs can make you be an eco-friendly individual without spending a penny, so from now till December 31st travel through Dublin's city center and contribute to this eco-friendly project.

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