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Authors EWB NSW
Location Sidney, Australia
Status Deployed
Completed 2007
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Appropriate technology is technology that can be made at an affordable price by ordinary people, using local materials to do useful work, in ways that do the least possible harm to both human society and the environment. The technology appropriate to a certain requirement depends on the location and background of the people it serves. For example, open combustion may be the most appropriate source of energy in sparse, developing communities, whereas it might be grid-based electricity in large cities.

People without access to the technologies of the west can benefit from improved stove designs, improved housing design, alternatives to wood for burning, cooking with the sun, sanitising water with simple filters or even UV rays. Last year, the open day organised by EWB was a great way to showcase some of these technologies and, given the relaxed informal setting, it was even possible to explore potential improvements together!

EWB NSW is currently building on their successful 2006 showcase, and these will be on display at Centennial Park on Sunday, March 4th 2007.

To register your interest, please leave a note on Chriswaterguy's talk page with "ATD registration" as the header, and leave a phone number. (Or ideally, email him if you are registered with a confirmed email address.) We will get back to you with the directions and times once confirmed. This is a free event however gold coin donations welcome to cover the cost of catering.

We hope to see you there!

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