Project Description[edit | edit source]

This project involves the conversion of a single-extruder JellyBox to a dual-extruder JellyBox. Both versions of the JellyBox are reasonably compatible, with the only significant difference being the build plate size (which is a minimal difference).

Instructions for the ENGR 442 Dual Extrusion Modification[edit | edit source]

This modified version has been created in partial completion of the ENGR 442 class at Principia College. This version is designed for a JellyBox 2 modified for dual extrusion with one Bowden-style extruder and one direct drive extruder. The 3D file can be found on the Appropedia page which corresponds to this design.

Required Components[edit | edit source]

  • JellyBox
  • Chimera + E3D MatterHackers
  • Additional NEMA motor
  • New machine profile instructions below
  • Bowden extruder
  • Mount for Bowden (we used two zip-ties)
  • Firmware (this is designed for a 1.0 but modifying build volume makes it appropriate for a 2.0)
  • PTFE Tubing (we used Capricorn tubing)

Creating the New Machine Profile in the Slicer =[edit | edit source]

Create a machine profile with the following values using a custom FFF in CURA:

Slicer Profile Values for JB 1.0
Setting Value
X (Width) 180 mm
Y (depth) 165 mm
Z (height) 145 mm
Build Plate Shape Rectangular
G-Code Flavor Marlin
X min 0 mm
Y min 0 mm
Z min 0 mm
X max 0 mm
Y max 0 mm
Gantry Height 145 mm
Number of Extruders 2
Start G-Code Copy and Paste from the Jellybox2.0 profile
End G-Code Copy and Paste from the Jellybox2.0 profile

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Quick placeholder

The firmware is hosted on Github and is under active development. Instructions are duplicated on Github and both pages link to one another.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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