Dragon Heaters use state of the art wood burning combustion chambers for a wide variety heating appliances. They provide a smokeless burn at an extremely high temperature that is extraordinarily efficient and results in virtually no ash. They require no electricity and do not utilize catalytic converters, so offer the ultimate in reliable low cost off-grid heating.

Rocket Heaters Vs. Dragon Heaters The basic design of the combustion chamber is based on rocket heater j-tube, vertical feed designs. However they have been enhanced in a number of important ways that yield results and designs not possible with traditional rocket heaters. You can read more about the unique combustion chamber (dragon burner) designed by Peter van den Berg, You can read more about Dragon Burners and Rocket Heaters here http:/www.dragonheaters.com

Check out this video of how easy it is to construct the dragon heater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20fY0eAP4iE